Your unique web3 username on Velas

Forget about long addresses and claim your own readable names for your wallet addresses or serivces.

Create your Digital ID:

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Your Web3 identity

Setup a profile picture, show links on your profile, social network accounts, create decentralized website… It’s your name, you control.


.vlx registrations can be transferred and trade in the same fashion as NFT.

Unified naming

You won’t be recognized as the guy with the address beginning with 0xe2cf anymore, but rather recognized by a name you really chose, for every service you use !

Easy to share

Forget about 42 random characters long addresses, share your shortened name instead, such as nick.vlx, or alice.dapp !

Easier transactions

Don’t hesitate between the native address, or the evm compatible address; enter the Velas name, and the right address will be selected for you !

Unlimited subdomains

Create as many subdomains as you which, and control them however you want ! Give one to your friend, store your secondary account addresses on another…

It's super easy...

How to register .vlx name step by step:



Open VNS app and search for your unique .VLX name


Wait for 1 minute

The waiting period is required to ensure another person hasnt tried to register the same name and protect you after your request.


Request to register

Your wallet will open and you will be asked to confirm the first of two transactions required for registration.


Complete Registration

Click "Register" and your wallet will re-open. Only after the 2nd transaction is confirmed you'll know if you got the name.

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